Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Redneck Parents Movie List

You know, whether it's my own post on "Redneck America" or the country classic "What the World needs now is a few more rednecks," or any other piece protesting the deredneckification of America, I've come to realize, it's really very silly. See, we just sit around complaining about something that is happening around us, maybe earning a little coin on the side, and we aren't doing anything about it. So, enough talk, let's talk about how you raise em' right.

This list of motion pictures, complete with accessory of popcorn, is perfect for redneckifying your little ones (these films being quality, the moonshine is strictly optional):

- "Second Hand Lions" (McCanlies, 2003)
- "Serenity" (Whedon, 2005)
- "The Lady Vanishes" (Hitchcock, 1938)
- "The Quiet Man" (Ford, 1952)
- "The Longest Day" (Annakin, 1962)
- "Gettysburg" (Maxwell, 1993)
- "Gods and Generals" (Maxwell, 2003, Prequel to Gettysburg)
- "How the West was Won" (Ford et al., 1962)
- "Sweet Home Alabama" (Tennant, 2002)
- "High Noon" (Zinneman, 1952)
- "Death to Smoochy" (DeVito, 2002)
- "Deliverance" (Boorman, 1972)
- "Tora! Tora! Tora!" (Masuda, Fukasaku, Fleischer, 1970)
- "Troop Beverly Hills" (Kanew, 1989)
- "October Sky" (Johnston, 1999)
- "We are Marshall" (McG, 2006)
- "Smoke Signals" (Eyre, 1998)

These you may wish to show when they're a little older:

- "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Sharman, 1975)
- "The Patriot" (Emmerich, 2000)
- "The Birds" (Hitchcock, 1963)
- "Brokeback Mountain" (Lee, 2005)
- "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Forman, 1975)
- "A Clockwork Orange" (Kubrick, 1971)
- "Dr. Strangelove" (Kubrick, 1964)

If anyone else has any suggestions, say them.

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