Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Over the next few days, I intend on posting about:

-Meg Whitman (Already written, but I need permission to post an image.)
-The Confederate Flag
-Traffic Grids & Mass-Transit
-Catholic vs. Protestant Social Conservatism (Dixieland vs. Catholic New York)

If there is anything else that a reader would be interested in hearing about let me know here.

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Jeremy Janson said...

Interestingly, a couple of these I never got too...

The Meg Whitman post will never be published because my permission on the image was declined and it was too integral to what was being said. Beyond that, the gubernatorial candidate is increasingly distancing herself from the kind of image that made me kind of like her a little, and see her as beneficial for the attitude of the people of the American West. She seems to Suburban, Orange County last couple times I've checked.