Friday, July 24, 2009

Trash Trash Trash

Image courtesy Nick of Canberra (Wikipedia username dsfrg.msc)

I was walking down 68th Street from Alki Beach in Seattle, when I saw the most trash next to a sidewalk I'd ever witnessed. Coffee lids, napkins, beer bottles, various varieties of broken glass, very used straws, food and slightly decomposed food containers, all lined the street and in some cases were underneath the tires of cars. The worse part is that a public trash can was available, slightly under a block away.

So you literers out there, tell me, why must you deposit trash? Why must you leave your mark on every neighborhood like a little doggy? Why do your legs seem unable to carry you an extra 50 feet to that nearest trashcan? Is there any kind of service, like little kids on bicycles with a big trash bin on their front, that we could provide you with to make fulfilling the law slightly easier? Do you just plain hate the city? If so, are there any buildings, services or roads we could remove to make you hate the city less?

If so, please call the city police immediately, notify them you are a literer interested in changing the city, give them your address, your phone number, precisely when & where you littered last, and, just to prove it, the name of a few people who were with you and they'll handle the rest. Trust me, this kind of stuff makes their day!


K. Frangeskos said...

Hi My Friend,
I love your Post!
Very witty and well written...

I hope others get your point.
I hope you are smiling and enjoying the summer!
Kath Frangeskos

Jeremy Janson said...

Thnaks for stopping by! Yeah, I am, and I had a really beautiful experience this morning. I really feel the spirit growing in me.

K. Frangeskos said...

That is wonderful that you feel God drawer you closer to him...and are aware of it! As we search for God, HE comes closer to us.
I know HE loves you very much. You are a very special person jeremy. I know it...and I hope you do too!
Warm regards from your friend

Andrew said...

That whole situation disgusts me. I do not like litterers. Why would they want to trash the world? I do like your passion against these people. Keep up the good posts!

Jeremy Janson said...

Thanks for stopping by Andrew. Yeah, I'm glad you feel the same. It's so sad to when it's a beautiful city like Seattle.