Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sex, Virginity and Raunchiness

Adam & Eve by Domenichino , Grenoble, Musee de Beaux Arts, courtesy wikimedia

Ah the good ole SVR! How thankful we are for thee. You break our hearts, intoxicate our minds, dominate our lives, give us wives and children and bequeath on us one of the greatest single pleasurable moments of existence. You are, in many ways, the essence of the flesh. We were born as a result of you and, for many of us, die inside through your obsession or are destroyed in horrific relationships seeking you. You are a humbler, a destroyer of dignity, something that sinks us to our lowest moments and we cannot open the door to let others see us in our horrific, grotesque perversions - but we're smiling anyways.

Some of the stupidest things people do as a result of sex. Walking the rails on cruiseships, crude indignified jokes, trouble with the law, pick-up lines, referring to genitalia by pet names, humiliating yourself in public places, submitting to strange satanic rituals, or, in some rare cases, even letting someone suck your blood or lock you in a cage. But sex can also be the center of true love, an almost mystic, magical experience between two people who truly love each other. It can be the deepest, most powerful relationship you ever have, something that builds you, strengthens you, defines you.

It can also be a cheap joke with the laugh on you, as denoted by the marker and pancake syrup on your face. I suppose lust can be an advertiser, something that forces you to get to know someone better and thus forge that true relationship, but it is a hard road, a painful road, one that I would not wish for anyone. Yes, there is a better way.

I know it is unfashionable to speak of monogamy in this day and age. Maybe that says something about this day and age. That close relationship can exist outside of marriage, but it is rare, and the fact that you have not been given to anyone else before does help in all ways. Marriage is about, more then anything, loyalty and sacrifice, and it is from great sacrifice that great commitment is forged. We live in a very superficial time where dignity is a non-issue, but a great joy comes from it, and I wish for those who read my blog a better way of life.

If you've already been engaged in raunchy behavior, and have lost your cherry, don't fear. Beyond the fact that it won't help, it is NOT impossible to find that deeper bond, it just becomes more difficult. For those who have not yet done such, I advise you to continue your current good behavior and look for love, not lust, in those you date.


Derek said...

Good job Jeremy. I particularly liked the last 2 paragraphs. We know that marriage is a God-ordained relationship between a man and a woman, built on the commitment of each party toward God and one another.
It's truly not hogwash--God, the author of the human body in both its forms, knows the best ways for it to experience life. Indeed, to reject God's design for the human body is both sinful and ultimately undesirable.
..easier said that done though, right? But God gives us strength. He is very loving and very forgiving. We just must continue to fight the good fight of faith and know that God always has the best interest of His children in mind (Romans 8:28).

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vision2eyes@gmail.com said...

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Count Sneaky said...

The fact that you, as a very young man, realize that marriage is above all else about loyaty and sacrifice (with or without the religious trappings. Your choice.)bodes well for your future and the future of all of the young we have ushered into this world who believe this. Most interesting blog and well balanced. My best. .

Anonymous said...

I worry that this denies a life WITHOUT marriage. Is there no good to be done outside of marriage? If we feel it is a moral duty to couple then doesn't that encourage pairing for the sake of it, therefore cheapening the sanctity of marriage?

To benefit from a good marriage shouldn't there always be the option NOT to marry. As long as both are equally valid options then marriage remains a conscious choice. Without seeing a life without marriage as valid you make marriage inevitable, rather than sacred. Thoughts?

Jeremy Janson said...

Of course there is good outside of marriage, but the problem is that you can't really eat your cake and have it too. If you lose that virginity at any point, you can't ever completely regain it later. And that's the problem.

The choice to not marry also means that, much of the time, people will choose to not marry for a very extended length of time, and marriage may, in their minds, already be dismissed, but if they weaken themselves when they feel such, then should they ever decide to get married, that virginity will no longer be there for them. Now, this said, some people will simply decide not to get married, but if you lose the virginity at any point, you can't go back. It really is a "better safe then sorry" situation. Further, you are also weakening somebody elses ability to truly get married. And that's why I feel that abstinence is the best choice here. Anything else is selling cheap.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. I don't see that abstinence is necessary. If it means that your relationships later in life are influenced or altered by not being a virgin, they will also be influenced or altered by all the other experiences you have had as you have grown and matured. This makes for different relationships. Not worse ones. In other words, you are putting a great deal of weight on sexual intimacy above other kinds of closeness within a relationship. To me, again, this cheapens the institution of marriage.