Thursday, October 8, 2009


While I absolutely adore all your love and affection, it's begun worrying me these past few works that as this blogs traffic increases, the comments sections below each post (last two aside, which was planned) seem strangely empty. When there are comments, they seem to be one-line compliments that, while wonderful, I'm concerned may create an atmosphere of little girls drinking tea and telling each other how beautiful they are.

I really do want ANYBODY, Capitalist, Communist, Leftist, Rightist, Socialist, Fascist, Monarchist, Ecoterrorist, to be comfortable posting criticism, analysis, alternative sources, and all the kind of substantive, thoughtful, even adversarial comments that fulfill a blog community and make this site a place for discussion. I know that, as an editorialist, despite my best efforts there will always be angles left out, and I want my readers to have the full story. If you see anything wrong, inaccurate, incomplete, do not spare one second in pointing it out in the comments section. If you're concerned about my overall performance as a writer, my email is: (Please don't ask the story behind the address.)

And no, I do not want ANY more one line compliments. If you want to compliment me, post it here, send it to my email, or give a full explanation/detailed review. I know that's probably asking too much, so just don't worry about it and avoid giving compliments. In fact, if you really want to compliment me, become a follower. That's the biggest compliment of all. Did you know I measure my success by how many followers join this site - and come back to read it again and again?

This blog is for you, the reader. Embrace it fully and don't be afraid to shake the boat. I love chaos and I love being challenged. In fact, I can't discuss further if I'm not challenged; I have no license to speak.


K. Frangeskos said...

Hi jeremy,
I love your blog...your style of writing and wit.
(Hee, Hee...nothing bad to say, sorry)

Warm regards,

Jeremy Janson said...


jONYX said...

Ah yes, I can definitely understand the frustrations, moreso upon realizing I have new comments and I can't really respond to them.

Push through them!