Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who cares?

White House Photo of Bush 43 courtesy of EO-POTUS, public domain

I won't be posting much for a little while, as a major round of exams at GT just came in to study for, but before I head off to glory I wanted to post about something I've noticed in political discussion lately.

A lot of democrats, including at least one commenter on this site, continue to obsess about what Bush 43 did and how it screwed over America. My response is simple: "No one cares!" Bush doesn't have power anymore.

Regardless of who started the fire, there are people out there who believe Obama is pouring gasoline on the flames. I'm not going to say whether he is or he isn't - I'll leave that for you to decide - but what's happened with Bush is over and honestly, it is quite intelligent of the American people to disregard such quibbling in their reasoning. It doesn't matter how bad things were when Obama got them, everyone is asking, is Obama making them better?

Not everyone will answer yes.


Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

I agree. I think Bush was a horrible president, but to use him to justify Obama's actions is just idiotic. That doesn't make anything he does inexcusable. In fact, he's just more of the same.

FaithfulinPrayer said...

I agree, Obama has to take responsibility for his own actions and quit blaming the previous administration. He just sounds stupid when he does the blame game.

BUT, Obama's not the real problem. You need to keep your eyes and ears open about what is happening at the UN and these global warming conferences.

Read Agenda 21. Obama is just a puppet to the Global Governance crowd. I believe it is his job to set the stage in the United States for us to move to global governance.

Good luck with all your tests. I hope you do well!

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Jeremy,
Another great, thought provoking post! If we all played the "Blame Game"...I believe there would be a lot of names on it...not just the prior administration or current one.

I know you will do well on all your exams...
I would not want to debate you if I were one of your Professors...(smiles)
Looking forward to hearing back from you again soon.
Best regards,

DaniG said...

Love your blog. It's clean, crisp and clear. Re: the blame game, I don't often go there. Too much information that never gets to the public; too much other information FED to the public to sway public opinion purposefully. Personally, I don't like Obama's gun control position. Gun rights were not designed to protect against burglars - they were designed to keep government honest. Any politician disliking that causes me to question his/her motives.

Good luck on your exams!

Sorcerer said...

I agree, Bush did things and he could have done it better. It is better not to play the blame game , but sit with fingers crossed.
Obama, we (In India)think is a bit more proactive and he communicates.
Lets all hope that what he does for the good become a success