Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Copenhagen Post

Looking at many articles pertaining to Climate Change (and many of the stories revolve around Denmark), I have found a rare gem.

This quality Danish newspaper is concise, informative, intelligent, and has a wonderful English language edition. Very few of their newstories are over half a page, and yet they give you five pages worth of information. I especially loved this gem on public opinnion related to Nuclear power: "'Nej Tak' to nuclear after all".

They started by mentioning the two polls and their collosally different results. They then briefly mentioned the question that one of the polls asked versus the other. Then they gave a simple and clear reason - "did not ask respondents about the actual placement of nuclear power plants in Denmark" (4th paragraph, last sentence) - for the discrepency. It followed this up with a one-sentence explanation (without making it clear that it was an explanation) for why they looked in to this to begin with, and finished with the status (in the last paragraph) of Danish political parties on the issue.

I also found a wonderful article there about an accounting scandals involving carbon credits and a VAT carousel. It involves a classic conflict-of-interest scenario, where registering the VAT you paid to buy your goods for resale, you drop the VAT Receivable of the “cooperating” businesses without collection, and run off to a foreign country before you have to pay the VAT yourself. The "chum" businesses who "sold" you the goods also disappear, leaving no complete recursion for the collection of the tax.

Look at it yourself any time:

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