Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few thoughts for the day

My friend Marty, of "Out of Context", writes aphorisms. This day has really made me think about my life and who I am, and I just wanted to take a moment to write down a few small thoughts for the day:

Be gracious, and your friends will be many.

Sometimes we wonder why, but when you live with a good heart and a head of honor, you know why you're here.

Hard work improves YOU, every part of you, while sloth rots you inside.

Troubles and trials are man's moment to conquer and exploit, justly.

The beauty of the world is another statement of God's love for us. When you don't see God with you, look out at the moon, and let still peace fill your heart. Or look out at the mountains, and let yourself be strengthened by their strength. For all this has been made for you and others like you.

With questions come answers.

With heroism comes stories.

With favors and decency, come respect and love.

With greed, comes the consumption of the self.

With envy, the person is lost.

With needless violence, relationships are made brittle, and the respect is moved by the blind.

With lies, reality is lost, and the world becomes the most terrifying of abominations, a twisted knot of human machinery tearing slowly to the vilest corruptions and indecencies, with clocks showing wrong times, beauty burned to nothing, free horses chained to the weak, wrong becoming right, and man himself as fine-cut meats for the hungry shadows.

With respect of others, you see the beauty in people, and the world lights up before your eyes.

With respect of the world, everything is sacred and right.

When you revere your parents, you really honor yourself.

Marty could top these any day, and I know this isn't what I normally write about, but these are just a few thoughts of mine that seem to be flowing out of my heart.


Tiffany Marcotte said...

I have been reading through your blog posts and I have to say this is my favorite! Well of course it is. I'm a rainbows and unicorns kind of girl who loves PINK :) (and using smileys, obviously).But really my favorite color is Orange and I'm a little cycnical in the real world.

Your blog is filled with such intellectual theories and thoughts that it could put some of us to shame. I enjoy reading your take it or leave it writing style. I would just like to see a little bit more of who you are. Keep up the hard work.

Jeremy Janson said...

Thank you so much Tiffany, you're a beautiful person just as you are. There, I said it, it didn't hurt, well okay maybe it did a little. ;-)