Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Cheers for the Huffington Post!

First of all, we would like to thank the Huffington Post for so successfully scamming so many dozens of liberals of large amounts of their money. With less money to use for all purposes, they will be having less fun, and may perhaps be unable to send their kids to college in the near future, leading to more right-leaning university campuses. In addition, it reminds us once again which animal the Democrats picked as their symbol, and advances the cause of Social Darwinism through starvation.

Second, we would like to thank the Huffington Post for being extremely preoccupied with Glenn Beck. Not only does it make the fellow seem more important then he is, but it wastes large amounts of liberal time that could instead be devoted to rational arguments, political activism, or eventually learning to be Republicans. Then again, we would say time with family, but the extremely high levels of support for Abortion seem to indicate that Social Darwinism will score our finally victory for us! Haazaa!

Third, we would like to thank the Huffington Post for not paying their writers. It makes me feel great to know I am not the only unpaid blogger on the internet. I can just think of all the 1000's of writers that Arianna Huffington refuses to pay every day over my coffee, and go, "Ahhhh!!!!" It just makes me feel warm inside. Plus, I know that with the extensive hours they work rather then lazy bums like me who hardly ever update the site, they'll probably STARVE to death from too few paid workhours anyways! MORE SOCIAL DARWINISM!

So Hip-Hip-Hooray for the Huffington Post, Darwinian defeater of the Democrat Party! Haazaa!

(I'm not totally sure why I wrote this, but it's fun.)

Darwin Caricature from London Sketchbook 1874, by Faustin Betbeder. Copyright Expired


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there is no Comments here- Something to think about. Thank you for YOUR VIEW

Jeremy Janson said...

I'm thinking this may be a case of a lot of people not knowing what to say. I kept this post short because I don't want this blog getting the reputation of being primarilly about analyzing and complaining about other peoples news stories, which I know with the next post down to some it might seem that way at first. Most of the content of this blog is actually very unique, and I just felt like some of the criticisms of the HuffPo just weren't getting quite enough air time and decided to lend whatever strength I could give it. I'm really kind of shocked that the Mainstream Media hasn't taken these stories, but then again maybe they have the same kind of concerns that I had when writing this post...

Jeremy Janson said...

In any case, whoever you are, thanks for stopping by.

Phil Van Gheem said...

I hate those Huffingtons. Someone should dip 'em in chocolate, chew them real slow, swallow them, then puke 'em back out.

By the way, smart stuff. You'd make a wonderful satirist. Seriously, this is really smart.