Thursday, September 23, 2010

Barbara Boxers Top Ten Countdown

There are certain kinds of people in this world who just bring something special in to your life. People who dance, people who sing, people who love you and people who say they love you to sexually exploit you and drink your blood as you realize you've been betrayed and are now food for an undead fantasy creature, and then there's Senator Barbara Boxer. Without her, who would make the Senate exciting? Who would make it interesting? Who would make us laugh and cry at the same time? Let us celebrate the 10 greatest moments of Barbara Boxers California Dream.

10. Argumentus Ad Hominim Maximus after (mostly) serious questioning by a very angry Midwesterner:

9. Ask the President what her job is:

8. Keep the bleat of the news:

7. WRITE A NOVEL! (No, this is not satire.)

6. Be the fashion police and whine at the same time:

5. Make a cheesy, melodramatic speech in front of a polar bear picture:

4. Compare Abortion to Male Reproductive Health:

3.Watch Senator Boxer talk down to an American Military Officer:

2.Then refuse to apologize for it! (I apologize for the added captions - I couldn't find a pure unadultered version of this particular video.)

1.And just when you thought absolutely nothing could beat what you saw, have we got a surprise for you!

The official photo of my favorite senator. Public Domain.

Update 11/4/2010: For those of you who haven't heard, our favorite senator from the land of fruits and nuts will be around to entertain us a little while longer. Maybe she'll write another novel this time.

Public Domain from the Open Clipart Library

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