Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Egypt can thwart the inevitable

"[El Bradei] said a transitional period should take place before the nation prepared for an election." -The Washington Post

This is a disastorously naive sentiment, and frankly must be stopped! Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and a multitude of other nations all claimed that they needed "time for things to settle down" before elections could be held, the result was elites with power gradually corroding and destroying the system set out to dry too long, and in the case of Eritrea declaring a permanent state of emergency. Right now, it needs to be recognized that no matter what Egypt does, 1) there will be problems, 2) there will be people, like that spokesman for the Islamic Brotherhood, who have a vested interest in screwing things up.

The longer you insist on "settling" is one more day for the elites of the past to ruin the prospects of the future. So how do you get around this problem? The same way you prevent a navy ship from sinking when it's been hit.

It's called compartmentalization, allow one portion of the ship to get filled with water without the rest of it filling up. Egypt CANNOT be a national government, at least not yet. I may not know too much about Egypt, but I know enough to know that, no matter what the situation, that idea can only end in dictatorship when in the hands of the evil, satanic men who lay in wait in every nation for their moment to steal and destroy. For when Egypt is national, only one compartment need fill up for all of it to go under!

Egypt should be run as locally as possible. City and county level in smaller areas, neighborhood level in Cairo and Alexandria. NO Egyptian government, for the moment, should be bigger then 100,000. 100,000 is not worth the trouble of the Islamic "Brotherhood", but 79 million certainly is! If a few 100,000 strong units fall, the rest can react, and the worst that can happen is a small local conflict that progresses towards a great resolution of peace, dignity, and freedom, but if all of Egypt falls all will end up right where they started, and the sacrifices of the brave will be in total vain.

A compartmentalized Egypt is an Egypt of the right scale, cooperation, and economic interest to gradually bring its problem to a resolution before the evil ones reach their seats. A unified Egypt is a big, slow, cumbersome target. Don't ever forget that.

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