Monday, June 27, 2011

Selling the UN to Reduce the Deficit

Sitting on six blocks of top notch Mannhattan riverfront, the UN Headquarters has overseen active attacks on the United States, massive continuing demands in terms of money and prescence from the US treasury, and helped aid and abett organizations, such as the various Sustainability organizations behind Agenda 21, that are impoverishing and ruining the world as we speak with windmills and other stupidity. They continue to embarass and harass not only the United States, but the poor countries of Africa, making irrational demands in terms of notions of "modernity" that are not desirable and maybe not even possible for the so-called "dark continent." They also have stood by and abetted the slandering of George W. Bush during the run up to the Iraq War, claiming, despite every piece of evidence to the contrary, that there was no reason to think Saddam Hussein had weapons. In addition, the IMF and the EU, two other "world government" organizations, have together impoverished 4/5 of the world.

The UN is, frankly, a rat, and an expensive one. Even the tiniest piece of Mannhattan real estate can fetch top dollars and motivate tremendous economic development. We are 1.5 trillion in debt. May I suggest a sale of 6 ideal building sights for skyscrapers?

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