Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet the Proles

Public Domain image by Pearson Scott Foreman

One thing that never ceases to shock me is the tendency of the electorate to hold on to oft repeated lies, even resfuse to hear statements to the contrary of them, and with no candidate has this been more true then Sarah Palin. What do people get out of speaking venom and lies against her? What is it about Palin that makes people not only swallow the lies about her hook, line and sniker, but then dismiss any challenge to those lies as unworthy of their hearing?

In "1984", there were some, shall we say, non-characters called the Proles. They are humans who are non-people, are so lost in their hate, anger, fear and willful ignorance that they will simply hate upon without question whoever the small elite decides as a target, not even quoting their own memories against it. They can be controlled by a single broadcast of the radio.

I don't know what brought America to the brink of becoming Oceania, but something did. Something made us so thoroughly lose ourselves in hate, anger and political parties that we will ignore all reasoning thereafter. Something made us that lazy, that cowardly, that inhuman. I'll leave you to figure out what it was, but when was the last time that someone attacking Sarah Palin gave a good reason why?

Any particular lies you would like addressed will be handled in the comment section.

UPDATE 10/5/2011: Sarah Palin will not be seeking the highest office in the land. She announced that family concerns have simply become too great. The only person in the world who can defeat Sarahcuda is her own daughter, and it seems that she has proved this adage once again.


Marlene Newell said...

Hi, Jeremy, I see that you could use an editor, or a better spell-check.

I was initially impressed with Palin's rugged personality, and I wanted McCain/Palin to win. Of late, however, I am terribly disappointed in her judgment, specifically her support of Newt Gingrich. For her to say that the 'establishment' is all against Newt for no good reason is either disengenuous (polite word for 'a lie') or uninformed. Newt was very much the establishment in his heyday, and he was cast out from the establishment because of his own sins and transgressions. Of all the hypocrites in Washington, he probably is the biggest. I've come to learn that whatever Gingrich is accusing his opponent of, he's probably doing himself secretly. So, Sarah Palin lost all of my respect when she cast her support for Newt Gingrich.

Jeremy Janson said...

@Marlene: Golly gee darn it, how do you get that stereotypical? Did you go to some special stereotypes academy or are you fresh out of the plant? In any case, you probably best be getting home, so bye now, and so great of you to stop by!