Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jerks, Trolls, and Bullies

After my recent tirade regarding the WTC Mosque, I felt obligated to point out a few more Jerks, Trolls, and Bullies to come to our attention in recent days:

Terry Jones - This Floridian Pentecostal preacherly jackass seeks to create a bonfire of 200 Qu'rans this Saturday. He's also written a book entitled "Islam is the Devil," and has succesfully run his church right in to the ground with no more then 50 very unfortunate, but perhaps slightly maladaptive to reality, sheep in his flock. General Petreaus has pointed out that this act will put our men and mission in harms way in Iraq. In the past, he has been expelled from a church in Cologne, Germany, where his former parishoners still recount his "spiritual abuse." There has also been "suspicions of financial irregularities in the church surrounding Jones." "Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." (Romans 13: 10, NIV) We hope Mr. Jones will spend less time burning other peoples books and more time reading his own.

UPDATE 9/9/2010 - According to Al Jazeera, Jones has called off the burning of Qu'rans.

British Petroleum - Assigns blame to everyone, including easy targets Halliburton and Deepwater Horizon, besides themselves. On the rare case that they do take any of the blame, they assign it to the lowest level workers possible, and fail to make any mention of well design and other cited factors by federal authorities. As the article I'm linking to makes clear, they are doing exactly what they did five years ago after the Texas City refinery explosion, seeking primarily to ease panicky shareholders and defend their case in court.

Kay Phaneufs Husband - In Salem, NH, a woman dependent on an electrically-powered respirator died because her husband did not attend to the medical protection and electric bill needs of the home. The power company went above and beyond regulation, sending multiple notices over the period of HALF A YEAR and being in constant communication. I know from personal experience how difficult medical problems can be, so the Jerk/Bully award definitely goes to her husband on this one.

Multnomah County - About a week ago, county health inspectors from this Portland Metro County shut down a 7-year-olds lemonade stand because she failed to acquire a $120 temporary restaurant license. The 7-year-olds mother however, probably not wanting her daughter to get disappointed, periodically reminds her that the health inspector was "just doing her job."

SPD Officer Ian Birk - Yet another example of why some people should not be police officers. A partially deaf Native American man named John T. Williams was crossing the road peacefully with a piece of wood and a legal knife. Not one witness has testified otherwise. This officer bizarrely tries to pull him over, yelling at him to drop the knife. At 9 to 10 feet away, or more then enough distance to handle the situation responsibly, he shoots several shots from his gun, killing the man instantly. "Grey added that no one from SPD contacted the Chief Seattle Club or members of Williams's tribe until two days after the shooting." If Birk himself was worthy of the badge at all, one would think he would do it himself.

Mayor McGinn - Also hailing from Seattle, Washington, this young political bully intends to break a deal with a vital city institution to deny them any real ability to relocate after the city demolishes their current structure to expand 520 Freeway. The 47 million they previously negotiated would allow the Museum of History and Industry, one of the best in Seattle, to find its new place in a good neighborhood that probably needs it, but with up to 7 million of its dollars taken away, it will likely have to relocate to a less utilized, less strategic neighborhood where it will barely see the light of day. Thankfully, it appears that Seattles' city council is a bit more sensible in this regard, and does not sound ready to jump off the Philistine bridge with Biking Mike.

Eugene Robinson - Argues in the following editorial that anyone who does not agree with him is a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum. Argues that he can discard all journalistic traditions of not attacking the common voter because it's "the obvious" and that the American People, in rejecting exorbitant quantities of government spending and taxing the rich, are seeking a "quick fix."He also is convinced that everybody else should be forcibly mandated by law to join him in his personal crusade to save the planet and gain "modern infrastructure" like the kind that Obama has supposedly been building with the stimulus and none of us have yet noticed exists or is under construction.

As you can see, one need not follow the teachings of Muhammad to be a jerk, troll, or bully. And now for something completely different.

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