Friday, July 22, 2011

Man Lost in Missippi

Roger Kenneth Wilson is missing, most likely somewhere in Missippi or Tennesee but Louisiana, Western Georgia and Alabama are possibilities as well. He was last seen in Memphis, TN, and is not at any mission or jail. Picture used with permission of Holly Brooks of Southaven, MS, who is searching very actively for this man. He was said to be 6'2" and extremely skinny at the time he was last seen, and the hair he had left was borderline red/auburn. He does know how to live in the woods. He had been driven away from his family but his family is now concerned for his safety and well-being. He has depression and severe drug issues. Hollys Facebook here and online search group here.

Roger Kenneth Wilson is the loved stepfather of a Missippi woman with great faith and joy in her heart. Holly loves him for what he once was. Now, however, drugs have taken their toll on the man. He was driven away from her for putting her children through serious issues that I will not specify and only Holly should ever tell, then he found another relative, who also drove him away, and so it went.

Today, Holly knows that he has done many bad things, that "drugs won the war." It was the drugs, and not him, but questions of what is and is not us are all in gray for good reason. Somehow, there is a distinction between what we are and aren't, but there is also what we are becoming.

Holly was motivated to find her father after a homeless man was found dead near where she lived. They checked out the body, and it was not him, but we don't know how much longer this man has, if any time at all, for death in the ordinary sense is not the only danger he faces. He also faces the retrorevision of his own soul.

Sometimes we need to be there for people, and we need to get involved, and sometimes we don't, but it is never true that we are islands. No matter how irrelevant or small you may feel, the reality is that your actions have an effect on others, and through that effect on others, the actions of others. An atomic bomb operates by a single atom, a particle too small to even be imagined, being smashed with a neutron, even smaller, and emitting two neutrons to smash others, eventually working to one of the greatest explosions the world will ever see. One will never see the atoms, but one will see the mushroom cloud.

We ask for your kindness in helping to find this man, and reunite him with his loved ones, before the war with drugs becomes a little more won then it already is. Please contact Holly (links above) with any information you may have.

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I THANK U SOOO VERY MUCH JEREMY!!!! I dunno what I would do with you guys in the blogosphere!!!

Yours TRULY...HOLLY!!!