Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fast, Furious, and Frightening

ATF Logo. Public domain work of Federal government.

This is not news. In fact it has been forgotten. It shouldn't be though, which is why I'm bringing it right back up again.

According to Human Events, over 2000 guns were sold, 700 were located after crimes, and only 3 were given tracking devices, and those had bad batteries. While human tracking may or may not have been used, we do know that at least 2 federal agents have been killed in connection with Operation Fast and Furious and that at least 1300 guns have not been located. When compared with the ease of GPS tracking, it is clear that an inferior method, at the very least, was chosen.

The motto of the Mexican drug mafia is "silver or lead," and violence from Northern Mexico has spilled over the border in to the United States many times, most famously with Pancho Villa in the 1920's. Although highly romanticized by many, the violence with Villa led eventually to the burning of Columbus, New Mexico and a punitive expedition.

Narcotics trafficers in America have been known to firebomb houses, kill innocent citizens, despoil the desert and harm private property. They are the complete antithesis of law and order, and all things public spirited. I don't know exactly what the US had in mind when it armed these drug dealers, but being the legitmate government of the American people was not it. This is not something to be forgotten or forgiven, but something that the American people have a duty to hold their government accountable for in every way that they are able.

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